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Our focus is on getting RV Parks and Travelers connected and free to be on the road. In order to make this happen as easily and quickly as possible, we collaborate with businesses who develop wireless software, manufacture hardware, provide Internet services, and who also share a similar goal of getting everyone connected from anywhere. WiFiRV believes that together we can provide a chain of valuable and unbeatable customer service. These are the types of alliances we seek:

Industry Partners
  WiFiRV now and then finds just the right fit with an Industry Partner who shares the goal to bring only the best in lifestyle choices for RVers and campers on the road full or part time. Together we service resorts, campgrounds, and parks enabling more people to join the network.


Consulting Partners
WiFiRV Consulting Partners perform site assessments, fix hardware, prepare RF designs, develop custom software, design web pages, scope security risks, and deliver VoIP solutions.
Software Partners
WiFiRV Software Partners develop and integrate applications for our WiFiRV Packages and Solutions. Field force automation, back-office accounting, remote administration, web development, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource management (ERP) products are a few examples.
Infrastructure Partners
WiFiRV Infrastructure Partners provide hardware, web hosting, and carrier services
  Roaming Partners
  WiFiRV has agreements with several Roaming Partners. These roaming agreements assure WiFiRV customers the ability to utilize their wireless accounts in a multitude of wireless locations across the country.
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